You'll find "free" music everywhere these days, even here. But you can't "download" a musical experience. Supporting live music ensures artists their livelihood.

Jo Caseley is an Australian singer/songwriter, independent recording artist and host of "The Old Mill & Railway Sessions" -  intimate hall concerts in the Southern Highlands where she regularly collaborates with some of the finest alternate country, blues & roots artists touring the country. 

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That's a wrap, Syd! Studio work done and dusted for new record. 

Here we are! My producer Syd Green and I celebrating the final day in the Mono Nest studio in Nowra recording the new album. 

I found the recording process of this this album my most challenging yet. As a producer, Syd went above and beyond, pushing me harder then I've ever been pushed to find the real Jo Caseley. That kinda frightened the shit out of me. It's easy to fall into old comfortable habits. It's easy to try to sound how we want to sound without realising we are doing it. 

I definitely had to raise the bar for this album, finding myself and being true to myself as an artist and I know I've done that.

There are 11 original tracks and they are my most honest yet. I'm really proud of these songs.

Now mixed and being sent away for mastering to Jeff McCormack to work his genius, I can't wait to hear this album and set these new songs free!!


2015 Unsigned Only Music Competition Semi Finalist 

So humbled to have two songs reach semi-finalist status in Nashville's 2015 Unsigned Only Music Competition. Both Albany and Dreamin' Bout The River have caught the ears of the judges. It's the greatest compliment an independant singer/songwriter could wish for!

Old Mill & Railway Sessions turn 2! 

My Old Mill & Railway Sessions at Penrose Hall which showcase some of Australia's finest singer/songwriters and attract a beautiful listening audience of country/roots music fans has just turned TWO!!! 

To celebrate, I welcome back one of my first guests and the gal who helped give me the confidence to start these shows Lou Bradley along with another of country music's finest and one of my greatest influences Bill Chambers.

Friday 5th June - $20 show only or $35 with a meal beautifully prepared by Lauren Sperzel.

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I started these concerts as a way to continue playing my own original music locally, embracing the spirit of my supportive local community whilst playing with other artists who have inspired me. 

I'm so grateful that two years down the track I've enjoyed playing with some of the cream of alt-country artists at little old Penrose, in a little old hall, with nothing more than a timber mill and a railway station near by.

We sell out shows because together, you and I, we've created a vibe. It's not the biggest. It's not the flashest. It is however, all about the people, the music, the stories and the songs. You can't fake that. 

And when I sit there after my set, wine in hand in a candle lit hall, belly full of the yummiest food by my friend Lauren, listening to the finest live music on offer being played in my little community hall, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and peace and I know I'm right where I'm meant to be. 

Big love and thanks to all who have supported my shows and shared the journey so far. I really, really appreciate it! xx


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